Whale Class - Year 2 & 3



                             Welcome to Whale Class! We are made up of 2 different year groups (Years 2 and 3). Whale Class are taught by Mrs Kidson and supported by Miss Morrison in the mornings.

The children take pride in the work that they produce and their knowledge and skills have developed rapidly over the course of the year. Whale Class work hard in all lessons and demonstrate our school's Christian values such as patience, responsibility and perseverance to achieve their goals, both for themselves and their classmates. Being a mixed-age class, the children are a great support to each other, setting a wonderful example to the younger children and accommodating  a range of learning types. The children love working collaboratively, using a hands on approach to learning and spending time outside.  We enjoy making use of the wonderful school grounds in our learning. We are extremely fortunate to have a large classroom space that accommodates for all learning needs, ensuring pupils have a rich and varied education experience. 

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Year 2/3 Autumn Term Curriculum Map

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Year 2/3 Yearly PM Overview

As a mixed age class, comprised of 2 Key Stages (Year 2 and 3), we have spent a lot of time ensuring that our Classroom provides a suitable learning environment for children of all ages in Whale Class. Here are the children enjoying a range of activities linked to our whole class topic.


Autumn Term 2022


In our English lessons this term, we have linked our learning closely to our topic, 'Dragons'

Linked to Talk for Writing, this term we will be focuing on a range of Literature:

- 'The Dragonsitter' by Josh Lacey
- 'How to Train your Dragon' by Cressida Cowell
- 'The Boy Who Lived with Dragons' by Andy Shepherd 
- A variety of non-fiction books
- Dragon poems



Whale Class have enjoyed their Maths lessons this term. We have been focusing on place value in class this term, exploring hundreds, tens and units. We have also been practicing counting in a variety of ways in preparation for expanding our knowledge of multiplication tables. 


In Spring 1, Whale Class are exploring the topic 'The Uses of Everyday Materials'. The children have started to carry out various experiments and investigations into which materials are best suited for a specific purpose.


Our Topic this term is 'Beatrix Potter and Our Local Area'.

Through this topic, the children have had the chance to explore the geography and history of The Lake District and some of the famous people and characters who lived and were created here. They have explored the poetry of William Wordsworth, the life of Beatrix Potter, landmarks of The Lake District and we will even be taking an exciting trip to the Beatrix Potter attaction in Windemere during this term. 


This term, Whale Class have enjoyed their swimming sessions. All of the children have been working hard to improve their swimming skills, whether this is learning to float, perfecting their arm or legwork or practicing a variety of swimming strokes.

Autumn Term


In English this year, Whale Class have been using Talk For Writing as a new approach to learning their writing skills. The children have been really enjoying learning the story of 'The Snail and the Whale'. As a part of this the children have learnt the story orally and using hand signs, they have created story maps and editted these to create their own original stories in the same style. They have produced some fantastic oral, written and drawn stories!


Each week, the children take part in a guided reading session. In our reading sessions we are using VIPERS to support our learning and understanding of the texts we use. Our text in the first half of Autumn Term has been 'The Storm Whale' and the children have been able to identify and use new vocabulary from the text and create some fantastic predictions from their reading. 


Whale Class have been working very hard in Maths this year. So far, topics that we have studied have included Number and Place Value, Mental and Written methods for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, 3D and 2D Shape and their properties,  Measure including height, weight and volume, Time, Money and Data. 

The children always enjoy hands on activities in Maths and love learning outside. Take a look at some photos of our favourite Mathematical activities so far this year, which include: 

Finding arrays around the school.
Practical Place Value 
Creating tally charts using "would you rather..." sentences 
Working collaboratively to complete loop cards using their doubling and halving skills. 





Famous for More Then Five Minutes

Our Autumn topic has allowed us to explore lots of famous figures throughout history and compare them to more contemporary counterparts in similar fields. The children have compared Christopher Colombus and Tim Peakes, Vincent Van Gogh and L.S Lowry and Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria to name but a few. Through this topic, the children have learnt about many other topics amongst their history lessons.


In the first half of Autumn term, Whale Class have been investigating everyday materials. We have carried out several experiments to learn about the properties of a variety of materials, including strechiness, smoothness, transparency and rigidity. The children have developed different hypothesis to investigate their materials and have learnt about how to carry out a fair test.


Creative Week

In September, our first week back to school is always a creative week. This year, Whale Class created some beautiful art work to brighten up our class room for the coming year. The children took part in an Art day all about the work of Henri Matisse, creating fantastic self portraits and some amazing Matisse Snails for our lovely 'Matisse Snail and the Whale' display outside our classroom. They also created lovely whale tails with shaving foam, blue paint and ink for the Whale Class hall display.

Our ART work this year will all be linked to each topic we cover. In Autumn term, Whale Class have been comparing the lives and work of Vincent Van Gogh and L. S. Lowry. The children enjoyed the stories 'Camille and the Sunflower' and 'The Little Lowry' which gave them lots of information about the lives of the artists. The the children have created lots of different art pieces in the style of these amazing painters. 


In Computing this half term, we have been learning about online safety. The children have learnt about what is safe to share online and what is personal information that should be kept private. The children have also learnt about which websites are suitable for them and which websites that they should have an adult with them to enjoy. The children have enjoyed using the Thinkuknow website which focusses on how to stay online with games, videos and activities.


We are completing a welcome topic in PSHE this half term. This allows the children to get to know their adults really well and the adults in Whale Class to get to know the children; their likes, dislikes, interests, preferences in learning. The children take part in lots of discussion activities which allows them to understand other peoples thoughts and feelings and know that we can all have different opinions and that this is okay.






Our Vision

At Ireleth St Peter’s, through values rooted in Christian teaching, our community nurtures and enables positive foundations for life. Our distinct Christian ethos permeates throughout ISP.

Working together in successful partnership, our school family embraces the common goal of inspiring every child to reach their fullest potential, through God’s love.