Humanities - Geography and History

Subject Leader: Mrs. S. Kidson

Topic Curriculum Coverage Linked to History & Geography
Overviews 2020-2023

Dolphin Class - Nursery, Reception & Year 1
Whale Class - Year 1, 2 & 3
Shark Class - Year 4, 5 & 6

Topic 3 Year Rolling Cycle (Current Year 2021-22 is B)

Dynamite Dinosaur Day! - Wednesday 23rd February 2022

All classes are holding a theme day linked to one of their topics this year and in the first week of Spring Term 2, Dolphin Class planned and hosted their special dinosaur day!

All classes throughout the school participated in this and joined in with the following activities:
A Dinosaur assembly
- A virtual tour of the Natural History Museum

 - A dressing up day linked to the theme & a catwalk to show off our costumes!
- Dinosaur themed baking
- An end of day quiz and story.
The whole school also completed various tasks/activities linked to:
History (Mary Anning/prehistoric eras)
Geography (rocks/continents)
English (reading comprehensions/spelling)
Maths (counting/addition)
Art (Pterodactyl pegs)
STEM (Floating dinosaur rescue investigation)

Take a look at some photos from this very special day below!


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