Subject Leader: Mrs. E. Saunders

Curriculum Statement 

Throughout every stage of our pupil's time at Ireleth St Peter's , teaching and learning in English aims to equip children with essential literacy knowledge and communication skills which allow them to unlock their full potential across all other areas learning and develop and articulate their understanding of the world around them. Throughout school, our  Christian values underpin every aspect of school life. In English, we use our values to encourage the children to be creative, explore diversity and nurture curiousity in order to support them to make progress and prepare children well for the future. 

We make use of well resourced classroom spaces, that reflect our values and our high standards, each classroom in school has an appealing and prominent reading area with high quality texts available, class books are shared daily and independent reading is celebrated. Additionally, we are fortunate to have extensive grounds, that allow us to utilise outdoor learning approaches across all classes.

All elements of the English curriculum are covered throughout the week. We follow a broad and balanced curriculum, that gives pupils the opportunity to study a range of non-fiction, fiction and poetry genres throughout the year, building on and devleoping their prior learning in these areas. Using a cross curricular approach, linked to termly class topics, the children study the features of high quality model texts and apply them to their own pieces of writing. Reading and writing objectives are taught through daily English sessions, using a range of teaching and learning strategies, which emphasise interactive and collaborative learning styles and provide children with frequent opportunities to produce independent work. Additionally, all children also take part in shorter, daily SPaG and phonics sessions. Where need for further support is identified, we provide additional learning interventions to equip all children with confidence, independence and ownership of their learning. 



Our Vision

At Ireleth St Peter’s, through values rooted in Christian teaching, our community nurtures and enables positive foundations for life. Our distinct Christian ethos permeates throughout ISP.

Working together in successful partnership, our school family embraces the common goal of inspiring every child to reach their fullest potential, through God’s love.