Subject Leader: Miss J. Wright

We live in an increasingly scientific and technological age where children need to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes to prepare them for life in the 21st century. We, at Ireleth St Peter's Primary School believe that the teaching of science develops in children an interest and curiosity about the world in which they live, and fosters in them a respect for the environment.

We aim that all pupils:
· Are introduced to the language and vocabulary of science
· Develop practical skills and their ability to make accurate and appropriate measurements
· Develop enjoyment and interest in science and an appreciation of its contribution to all aspects of everyday life
· Build on their curiosity and sense of awe of the natural world
· Use a planned range of investigations and practical activities to allow them a greater
· Understanding of the concepts and knowledge of science

Science 3 Year Rolling Cycle (Current Year 2022-23 is C)

Every year, we celebrate British Science Week by immersing ourselves in scientific investigations, experiments and opportunities to learn new skills. 

For 2021, we had to postpone our Science Week due to school closures but we celebrated it at the end of April instead!

All of our classes participated in lots of scientific investigations including...

Magic Milk!

For this experiment, we dropped food colouring onto a plate on milk. We then dipped a toothpick into washing up liquid and held it in the milk. Due to the different density of the milk, food colouring and washing up liquid, the food colouring spread out, creating beautiful tie dye patterns in the milk! 


Walking Water!

This experiment focused on osmosis, resulting in the mixing of colours from the cups with coloured water in to the cups with no water in them at all!

Pencils through a bag

The children were so excited to see that the water does not pour out of the bag. No water spills out of the holes because ziploc bags are made of a polymer. When you poke the sharp pencil into the plastic the pencil point slides in between the chain of molecules that make up the polymer. The molecule chains "hug" the pencil, making a seal around the pencil that won't let the water out.


Silly Science Workshop!

We also had a special visit from Professor Nitrate who demonstrated lots of fun experiments for each class. Here are some photos of the children enjoying this wonderful opportunity!

Nursery and Reception enjoying their workshop:



Year 4, 5 & 6 enjoying their workshop:







Our Vision

At Ireleth St Peter’s, through values rooted in Christian teaching, our community nurtures and enables positive foundations for life. Our distinct Christian ethos permeates throughout ISP.

Working together in successful partnership, our school family embraces the common goal of inspiring every child to reach their fullest potential, through God’s love.